Included with WinTool Professional

WinVector CAD

The powerful 2D CAD is now even suited for simple 3D tasks 

WinVector has extensive CAD features and is a very comprehensible tool, yet is simple enough that even infrequent users can handle it easily. All functions can be accessed quickly by mouse or keyboard shortcuts. You can open multiple drawings and detail view windows simultaneously. The intuitive software design and intelligible Help feature make you a professional WinVector user in no time.


Draw Elements

   Points, Point Patterns, Intersect, Perpendicular, Arc center, etc. 
   Lines, Connecting, 3D Lines, Chamfer, Trim, etc.
   Cycles, Arc Fillets, Tangential Circles, Hole Patterns, etc.
   Splines, Displacements, Squares, Ellipses, Shades, etc.
   Break, Move, Turn, Extend, Elements, etc.
   Measurements, Faces, Text, and Truetype Texts


   Mark Contours
   Select succeeding elements, trim, close, chamfer
   Colors, Layers, Line Fonts and Formats, Text Format
   Group Objects, assign attributes, visible/invisible

3D Options

   Faces: Nurbs, Freeform, Rules, Rotation, Swept, Swung, Coons, Contour etc.
   Example: Draw Special Tools for WinTool Tool Management System
   Open a DXF-drawing similar to the one you want to draw
   Modify the drawing or add new elements to it. Place the correct zero point in the drawing.
   Add measurements for lines, angles, or points according to your information needed.
   Assign the correct Layers for the cutting tool part, shank, and measurements
   Save the file under a new name.


   The CAD license is included in the WinTool Professional for free (see WinTool CD)
   Very comprehensive and quickly introduced. Suited for all co-workers in the shop.
   Extensive features included, nonetheless easy to use.
   Compatibility to WinTool and other standard DXF-formats
   Optional WinVector extension including 3D functions, IGES, and STL interface available.