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Industry characteristics

  • CPP – cost per part importance
  • Series manufacturing
  • Sustainable quality protection
  • Moulding technology
  • 3D shaping
  • TEBIS, WorkNC, Edgecam
  • etc.



One of the typical WinTool solutions for the Aerospace industry

Reliable & clear production data for your additive manufacturing!

WinTool industrializes your additive manufacturing! WinTool handles file management – from component to support structure for the CLI / SLI files through to the Job file sent from WinTool to your 3D-printers. To maintain quality assurance within your operating parameters (because many companies are seeking to officially approve additive manufacturing with various functional models) ALL files are audit-monitored, status-checked and archived! Blades (steel, ceramics, brush, rubber lip) and mounting plates (and their reworking) are managed for specific materials using the tool list. Operating resources such as the material (powder), filters or argon are also managed.

The Task

  • Quick overview of all production data for each 3D-print order
  • Standardized workflows for component / support structure design and parameterization
  • Overview of data creation process, versions and changes

Your Benefit

  • Simplified and faster working with 3D-printing
  • Correct data and operating resources at the right place and at the right time
  • Uniform integration of component / support structure design and parameterization
  • Eliminate file / directory chaos in departments and “human error”
  • Standardized, automatic archiving of your 3D-print production data


CNC Archive

  • Fully integrated, relational database for production data and operating resources such as tools (blades etc.)
  • Archiving of all document types such as STEP, STL, CLI, SLI, Magics and Job files, Word, PDF, etc. (incl. audit control)
  • Drag & Drop (drag file directly from desktop into WinTool User Interface)
  • Automatically create, designate and archive new file from template
  • Integration of 3D-printer and corresponding software: create and process production data 100% from the WinTool Environment
  • Auto archiving of Job files (parameter files optional)
  • Data tracking, where used & modification of production data
  • Secured access to machine data, NC maps, files and functions


  • All 3D-printers (via Ethernet)
  • All software solutions required for 3D-printing
  • WinTool tool library (e.g. for blades, mounting plates, etc.)
  • WinTool process manager (including for production tracking)
  • ERP / MES & PDM systems (optional)


Windows Vista, 7 to 10

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