Tool Data for UG CAM Made Really Easy

UG CAM Interface

Concise Tool Information from Central Tool Database.

With WinTool Professional you conveniently run your central Tool Library. For each NC-operation you choose the best-suited tool in the library directly within your UG CAM, import tool data, and automatically generate a precise 3D Model. Time consuming clarification of cutting length, collision length, profile radius etc. can be avoided. For each NC-program a detailed tool list is automatically being generated and customized for use in tool crib and pre-setting. In addition, other systems can easily access the central WinTool Tool Library, which allows for sound work processes and easy NC-programming!


Tool import

   Search tool assemblies by technical criteria
   Check availability
   Select "one tool" or entire "tool list"
    automatically generate 3D parts and import into Graphical Folder
    Import for special tools individual 3D parts from WinTool library
    Use verified cutting data or cutting-expert module suggestions
    Store tool list in WinTool database


    Interface to pre-setting
    Logistic module
    Integration of other systems


    Executable license for grip- and user-Functions for UGS
    Installed WinTool Professional license

Work Process

    Select and import single tool or entire tool list directly within UG
    Simultaneously import cutting data from tool library or have new data calculated
    Add additional or newly assembled tools later on
    All tool data is provided for programming including geometry and 3D Model
    The tools used in the NC program are automatically stored back in a WinTool too list


    You always choose the best tool for a required operation
    You use tools that are actually available in the shop
    Tools and lists are automatically documented in detail
    All information is stored centrally and local databases and charts become obsolete
    Cutting data for different materials is stored for each tool
    Tool data is not insulated, but available to other applications
    Integrated process chain from NC-programming to CNC-machining is supported