ESPRIT ’s machine-specific EDM KnowledgeBase™ provides you with a full range of cutting features, automation,and factory-certified post processors to maximize performance.Readily access each EDM manufacturer ’s unique cutting technology and methodologies through machine-specific technology pages.

ESPRIT’s KnowledgeBase™ supports every make and model of Agie EDM machine, for full exploitation of Agie’s unique machine capabilities, including dual tapering, upper and lower tapers, and sophisticated advanced conics. For the AgieVision, ESPRIT accepts the Ra, Tkm, and Te technology settings to create the script file format (SBR, SBL, and ISO).

Agie SA, Losone, Switzerland

Agie SA website

With ESPRIT, users have full use of the advanced and unique functionality built into Charmilles machine tools and their Millenium, Charmilles and Fanuc controls. ESPRIT offers support for Charmilles’s CT-Expert, database for cutting technology, and other unique capabilities in advanced tapering and material-handling functions such as slug evacuation.

Charmilles Technologies SA, Geneva, Switzerland

Charmilles Technologies SA website

For Fanuc EDM machines, ESPRIT provides the flexibility to control the cutting conditions with a set of user definable technology parameters such as S power and F feedrate for each cut. Selecting one of the cutting strategies will then create a complete machining process including all the rough cuts, skim cuts, and wire thread/cut instructions.Fanuc LTD, Yamanashi, Japan

Fanuc LTD website

ESPRIT includes a technology database populated with Mitsubishi-specific factory recommendations for the E-pack power setting, feedrates, and offsets for a wide variety of cutting situations. Enter the machine model, workpiece material and thickness, and desired surface finish, and ESPRIT will automatically give you the factory-recommended technology and number of skim cuts required.Mitsubishi Corporation Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation website

Get the most out of your Ona machine with ESPRIT’s built-in KBM technology. It provides individual control over the 10 generator parameters including off-time, voltage, and servo to increase machining efficiency for unique individual situations. You can also divide the cutting process into 3 zones – land, taper, and glue tab, and for each zone choose to apply up to 6 cuts (one rough cut with up to 5 skim cuts). The result is a simple mechanism to maximize work piece quality and minimize machining time.ONA Electroerosion, S.A. Durango, Spain

ONA Electroerosion, S.A. website

With ESPRIT, Sodick programmers get a flexible cutting system with up to 10 definable cuts in any combination of forward and reverse cutting strategies. A full suite of conditions and cutting technologies may be specified for each cut, land and relief, rough and skim, including control over the machine’s advanced features, powered Z-axis, tank control, and wire control.Sodick Co., Ltd. Yokohama, Japan

Sodick Co., Ltd. website