Optimize tool stock and purchasing


Efficiently master stock control and tool quality

With the WinTool Logistic module you can manage tool components anywhere in the MFG process. Using the interactive dialog, barcodes and "batch booking," you efficiently book tools to cost centers or machines. The browser based user interface can be easily customized for data entry hardware like wireless barcode scanners: this equals quick and error-free stock management. WinTool calculates purchase requisitions automatically (minimum stock) and you easily revise orders in the elaborate shopping cart. Delivery date control secures availability and data analysis is the basis for optimizing technical tool quality and assortment.


Configuration, Master Data

   Cost centers and storage places
   Suppliers and delivery conditions
   Allowable transactions
   Minimum stock control, order quantity, and suppliers per item


   Remove items from storage for a job order to a cost center
   Transfer items to storage or charge items to waste


   Generate purchase requisition automatically (minimum stock control) or manually
   Generate customized orders and monitor delivery date
   Goods received manager with barcode label printing (optional)


   WinTool Professional


   Interface to ERP-systems
   Different barcode systems

Transparent Tool Stock Information

   Automatic purchase requisition calculation and controlled posting
   Problem free goods received with quantity control and optional label printing
   Control of stock control and packaging size during booking transactions
   Statistical analysis of tool stock, cost center, supplier, and job order
   Stock valuation distinguished by new and used tool possible


   Use a standard browser for the convenient and quick booking of transactions
   Speed up transactions even more by using the barcodes
   Query tool availability and momentary location from any computer in the network at any time
   Have always at hand latest statistics about tool usage and wastage
   Minimum stock control avoids shortfalls and negative surprises
   WinTool communicates with ERP systems and even with storage lifts (optionally)