Tool Data Status and Revision Control

Index Module

Intelligible and Reliable Change-Control for Tool Data

With the Index Module you archive multiple versions of tool lists transparently and error-free. The Status Control secures that only the latest versions will be accessible for manufacturing. All data changes of tool components, tool assemblies, and tool lists will be logged and can only be modified by authorized personnel. The Index Module is especially suited for companies that seek to achieve a reliable integrated manufacturing process or have high data quality and retraceability requirements. Secure workflow and long term data storage for a cost-efficient fulfillment of modern industry standards (ISO, FDA, etc.).

Index Module Features


    Data Control for tool components, assemblies, and lists
    Runs in ISO- or FDA-mode
    Controlled user access by assigned tool data status


    Data status 'Edit', 'Released', 'Locked', or 'Archived' assignable
    Only authorized personnel can change data set status
    Protocol with explanations for prior status changes
    Changes of tool data will also reset data status of subordinate data (approval dialogue)
    Search filter for 'data status'
    Automatic filing away of released tool lists as a PDF
    Special print format for not released data.


    WinTool Professional

Work Process

    Print a new tool list for test run with 'Test Run Only'- watermark
    Release tool list centrally so that data can be accessed - but not altered - on the shop floor
    Lock altered or problematic tool lists and block data in production
    Lock components that are not deliverable anymore and mark affected tool lists automatically
    Avoid effectively unintended changes on tool documentation and lists


    Controlled release of tools and tool lists by qualified co-workers only
    Very comprehensive user interface and workflow with very low operating costs
    Automatic control of release status of each component on a tool list
    Avoid costly production errors caused by unintended data changes
    Change Protocol is knowledge base for the optimization of future productions
    Recorded tooling changes for insert replacements or different tool settings (length/width)
    Automatic back-up of released tool lists in an external QS-System