DP Technology works with manufacturers of milling and turning machine tools to ensure compatibility. The programmers at DP Technology create post processors that are tested by each manufacturer and debugged to increase user satisfaction. DP Technology works with the manufacturers to guarantee that ESPRIT will run smoothly on new machine models.

The ESPRIT CAM system has been pre-packaged to run the line of Citizen Swiss-Style lathes. The CAM system includes Citizen specific post processors and machine templates to assure the ESPRIT software run out-of-the box for Citizen machines. This pre-packaged solution assures ESPRIT/Citizen customers will receive the full benefit of their machine tool investment.

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Citizen Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Japan

Citizen Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. website

The EMCO group includes 6 manufacturing facilities in europe. Head quater is located in SALZBURG (AUSTRIA). The product range includes CNC-Turning centers, Turn-Mill centers, Milling centers and the world wide famous CNC Training systems. EMCO´s efforts are based on the best possible solution for the best price. Only an optimal price/performance ration can guarantee the future for the customers and also for the EMCO group.

With more and more productive or rather complex production systems, the programming of machine tools get more pretentious. With ESPRIT from DP-Technology the handling of such machines becomes handy again.

EMCO Maier GmbH Austria

EMCO Maier GmbH website

DP Technology has developed the Haas Quick Code product as part of their ESPRIT Machinist series of CAM systems. In partnership with DP and ESPRIT Machinist, OEM Machine Tool Builders can provide their customers with an NC programming product targeted directly to their unique needs or machine controls. The ESPRIT Machinist programming solution is targeted to the precise style of machining for which the OEM equipment is designed. Built upon the same foundation as DP Technology’s ESPRIT product line, machine tool builders may also opt to include any level of functionality from within ESPRIT for their version of ESPRIT Machinist.

Haas Automation, Inc. USA

Haas Automation, Inc. website

In partnership with Mazak Corporation, ESPRIT has been pre-packaged to run the complete line of Mazak machine tools, including the latest generation of Nexus and Integrex multi-task machines. The ESPRIT CAM software package includes Mazak specific post processors, and machine templates to assure the ESPRIT software runs out-of-the-box for Mazak machines. This pre-packaged solution assures ESPRIT/Mazak customers will receive the full benefit of their machine tool investment.

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Yamazaki Mazak Corporation Japan

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, website

ESPRIT delivers an out-of-the-box approach for programming Mori Seiki’s multitasking machines, such as post processor writing and machine definition. Program Mori Seiki multitasking mill-turn machines with a complete, pre-configured solution— developed by DP Technology. ESPRIT’s mill-turn prowess is the ultimate result of collaboration with machine builders and DP’s focused software development for this specific class of machine tools. The ESPRIT/Mori Seiki cooperation demonstrates the concept of a machine tool manufacturer and CAM software vendor partnering to produce a complete solution.

ESPRIT is pre-packaged to run the complete line of Mori Seiki Machine tools including the latest generation of MT, ZT, ZL, NV, and NL series of machines.

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Mori Seiki Co., LTD. Japan

Mori Seiki Co., LTD. website

Founded in 1949, Nakamura-Tome has become a world leading manufacturer of high quality, hand-built CNC lathes and Multi-axis turning centers. Its modern, primary manufacturing facility is located in Kanazawa, some 600 km east of Tokyo on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The company employs over 400 staff and prides itself on its expertise in innovative machine design and development, attention to detail, and traditional build and assembly skills. Nakamura-Tome was the first Japanese machine tool company to be accredited with ISO 9001. Subsequently they were accredited with ISO 14001 in October, 1998.

Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,LTD. Japan

Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,LTD. website

Okuma machine tools make the parts that make everything possible. And while they can’t say they build fighter planes for the military or shoes for professional athletes, they can say the people who make these parts use Okuma machines to build them better, faster and stronger. Okuma built controllers and machines are so well integrated, they can do things other machine tools just can’t. Okuma – the universal part you need to make all others.

Okuma Corporation Japan

Okuma Corporation website

Weingartner, a leader in metal cutting technology, offers a wide range of modern machine tools using the modular design concept for producing complex screw shaped components and heavy shafts. In addition to their machining centers, they also manufacture automatic surface finishing machines. Weingartner’s totally flexible machining centers incorporate turning, threading, drilling, deep hold drilling, boring, end/peripheral/hob milling, whirling, peeling, synchronized machining, grinding, polishing and measuring.

Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH Austria